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Ankhtifi at Moalla, Tod temple and Esna

Ankhtifi at Moalla, Tod temple and Esna

Ankhtifi at Moalla

Within 20 km of Luxor there is the 1st Intermediate Period cemetery at Moalla with the tomb of Ankhtifi (tickets have to be bought at Luxor temple). I call this a beta max tomb, poor old Ankhtifi chose the wrong side and it was the Theban princes who eventually won out and ruled. It is a very unusual tomb, with irregular columns and uses lots of turquoise colour.

Tod Temple

Another site within 20 km, whose tickets have to be bought at Luxor temple, is the temple of Montu at Tod. In the block yard there is evidence from the 5th dynasty right up until Coptic times and everything in between. This was the site where the Tod treasure was found.


Also with the 20km is the temple at Esna, a Ptolemaic temple. The temple is much lower than the surrounding town and indeed has not been fully excavated.

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Road to Aswan

Esna, El Kab, Edfu, Gebel Silsila, Kom Ombo all on the Road to Aswan – One Day Trip

On the road Aswan you can stop at some of these sites depending on time available

  • Esna – Temple of Khum Graeco Roman temple built in the reign of Claudius
  • El Kab – Nobles tombs and temples of the ancient capital
  • Edfu – Temple of Horus most completely preserved Pharaonic temple built by the Greeks
  • Gebel Silsila – Speos of Horemheb, ancient quarries and chapels
  • Kom Ombo – Temple of Sobek and Haroeris (Horus the Elder)
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Tour Aswan Egypt

Aswan – One Day Trip

Unfinished Obelisk – see how the stone was cut from the rock and the skill of the ancient craftsman.
High Dam – one of Egypt modern accomplishments contains 18 times the amount of material in the great pyramid and has increased to cultivated land by 30%
Philae – this beautiful temple, dedicated to Isis, has been a tourist attraction since Roman times

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Day Tour to Abydos and Dendera Egypt

Abydos and Dendera Day Trip

The almost intact temple of Hathor at Dendera is wonderfully preserved temple with the famous Egyptian zodiac. Recently restored it is a fantastic late temple.
Seti I temple at Abydos contains an almost complete king list as well as scenes from the kings jubilee in beautiful raised relief. The temple was completed by Ramses II and you can see the difference in the quality of relief. There are many shrines within the temple dedicated to various Gods giving you an overview of the Egyptian pantheon.

Ramses II temple is often missed by the visitor, much ruined but with beautiful colour, it is just along from the Seti I temple

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Desert Safaris in Egypt

Egyptian Desert Safaris

There are numerous desert safaris on offer incorporating one or all of the Western Oasis. These can be done as a day trip to Kharga, an overnight or a full safari for as many days as you want. There is so much to see in the desert you could easily spend a week there if you wanted.

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Nile Cruises

Nile Cruises
We offer private sailing cruises via our sister organisation, either by the cheaper felucca an open boat with no facilities (you need a sense of adventure ? or the more luxurious option of a sandal or dahabiyya. Full details are on the website.