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Bed and Breakfast Accommodation in Luxor for Odd Shaped Families

Bed and Breakfast Suites for Odd Shaped Families

Single parents, older children, friends we charge per person not per room.

Looking for accommodation in Luxor, Egypt that gives you separate bedrooms without paying single supplements?

  • You are a family of three and want three separate bedrooms on your Luxor holiday?
  • You are a single person who does not want to pay single supplements?
  • A married couple who love each other dearly but one snores, so you want two bedrooms.

We have the cost effective holiday solution for single parents, teenage brother and sister, argumentative siblings, two friends. No single supplements.

We don’t care how odd shaped your family is, you don’t even have to be a family. Three friends having a girl’s holiday get three bedrooms in our suites.

Our bed and breakfast suites can give you everything from one bedroom to three bedrooms and the price you pay is per person we don’t mind how many bedrooms you have. Yes that is right no more sharing with your kids. A good night’s sleep even on holiday with a snoring partner. No more having to put your teenage girl with her inquisitive little brother.

Single parent holidays, yes perfect for single parents, especially with older children.

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